Martin Werner


Martin Werner is one of Scandinavia’s most awarded and highly sought after directors. He started his career in film as a 1st AD, moving into directing in 1994 and quickly became one of the most respected and loved directors in Denmark. He founded Bacon in 2001 together with fellow director and friend Kasper Wedendahl and then, he started to shoot more international work, picking up awards in the US and across Europe. He has won Grand Prix in New York Film Festivals, Eurobest and Epica. Awarded work includes commercials for Coca Cola, Audi, Carlsberg, Café Noir and his Jack & Jones campaign starring Christopher Walken. He won a Gold Lion at Cannes Lions Festival 2015 for his Magnum-spot ‘Be true to your pleasure’. Martin masters a wide spectrum of genres, from comedy and performance, to visual and cinematic work.