Vero Von Hünefeld was born and raised in Argentina and is very proud of it.

Aquarius in sign and spirit, she studied cinema at Eliseo Subiela’s School of Cinema and she has been working in Advertising since she was nineteen.

Starting as Andy Fogwill’s Assistant Director before becoming his Creative Assistant, she began directing in 2016. With a talent for comedy, Vero Von worked for some of the most creative agencies in Buenos Aires, such as David, Ponce, Y&R, among others; and along with clients such as Coca-Cola, Burger King & Movistar.

Her latest spot for Burger King “A day Without a Whooper” reached the top of the popular spots at Ad Age’s Creativity, the week of its launching.

She recently won the major recognition at Wave Festival, the Blue Wave, for her piece for Coca Cola “Essa coca é Fanta” a campaign that turned an homophobic symbol into a symbol of Pride.