Havaianas by Rodrigo Saavedra is creativity’s pick of the day

New spot ‘Dance’ from AlmapBBDO for Havaianas directed by Rodrigo Saavedra is Creativity’s pick of the day. BRAVO!


Havaianas "Dance"

Landia in Gunn Report 2015

The Gunn Report recognized Landia as the 6th most awarded production house in the world in 2015. We celebrate and thank for all the great work achieved last year. For more to come!



Diente Festival 2015

‘Bargainers’ directed by Milton Kremer & Agustin Alberdi won GP for best TV & Cinema Campaign in Diente festival. Come and see all Craft awards with Mati Moltrasio’s TNT Campaigns Gold as main highlight.


Gold / Producción Audiovisual / Campaña

Andes / Viajecito / Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi / MILTON KREMER
Silver / Producción Audiovisual / Actuación

Noblex / Posiciones / David /MILTON KREMER
Silver / Producción Audiovisual / Mejor Fotografía

Scrabble / Anagram Lovers / Lola Mullen Lowe / RODRIGO SAAVEDRA
Silver / Producción Audiovisual / Dirección de Arte

Powerade / Reconciliación / David / ANDY FOGWILL
Bronze / Producción Audiovisual / Uso de Música

Bronze / Producción Audiovisual / Dirección de Arte

Mention / Producción Audiovisual / Visual Effects


Jerry Goldenberg

Once more we celebrate having won a Jerry Goldenberg. We thank everyone that helped us achieve it as we work non stop to be worthy of it again next year through what we do best, shooting films.


Landia in Creativity A-List 2015

Landia is Stand Out in Creativity and is the only Latin production company with such a distinction. We thank all the confidence received and celebrate all the work done this last year. For a better one to come!

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Ojo de Iberoamérica 2015

Landia was recognised as The Best Production Company from Iberoamerica (Hispanic Market). This honour was achieved through 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 6 Bronze awards. As well, Landia was rewarded as the best Production Company from US and Spanish markets.
As to directores, Rodrigo Saavedra was recognised as The Best Director of Iberoamerica as well as from the Spanish market meanwhile LA based Matias Moltrasio was awarded as The Best Director in the US market.

The list of the awards to follow.

Scrabble / Anagram lovers / Lola Mullen Lowe / RODRIGO SAAVEDRA
Gold / TV / Recreación, moda, transporte, viajes y turismo
Silver / Producción Audiovisual / Mejor Fotografía
Silver / Producción Audiovisual / Mejor Dirección de Arte
Silver / Producción Audiovisual / Mejor Dirección

Volkswagen / Anuncio hecho la medida (Camiones) / AlmapBBDO / RODRIGO SAAVEDRA
Gold / Producción Audiovisual / Mejor Edición
Silver / Producción Audiovisual / Mejor Edición
Bronze / TV / Comerciales online

Coca Cola / Familias / McCann España / ANDY FOGWILL
Gold / TV / Bebidas no alcohólicas

Bronze / Producción Audiovisual / Mejor Fotografía

Nissan / Força do Atrevimento (Olimpiadas Rio 2016) / Lew Lara TBWA / RODRIGO SAAVEDRA
Bronze / Producción Audiovisual / Mejores Efectos Especiales

Coca Cola Zero / Padres dormidos / McCann España / LUCAS SHANNON
Bronze / TV / Bebidas no alcohólicas

Music has no Enemies / [Campaña] / Cinco & Carlos López Estrada
Bronze / Producción Audiovisual / Dirección de Arte

Alto Palermo Shopping / Día de la Madre / Young & Rubicam / JULI FERNÁNDEZ
Bronze / TV / Campañas Institucionales y de Imagen Corporativa. Auspicios y Patrocinios. Bien Público



Rodrigo Saavedra New Partner from Landia Brasil

Rodrigo Saavedra, former creative and main director of Landia San Pablo has become a partner of the Brazilian office. The venture is the next step in the development of the young and ever-growing office.


Greatest hits by Luciano Podcaminsky

We got nostalgic and compiled Greatest Hits of Hispanic Advertising Films by Luciano Podcaminsky. Come and see!




Landia won four gold, one bronze and one silver in “El Sol” Festival with pieces of directors based on all its offices.

Watch now!

Sol de Oro

Coca Cola / Familias / McCann Madrid / ANDY FOGWILL

Scrabble / Hay Magia en Las Palabras / Lola Mullen Lowe / RODRIGO SAAVEDRA

VH1 / I will survive / Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi / AGUSTÍN ALBERDI

Music has no enemies / Jack / Latinworks / CINCO & CARLOS LÓPEZ ESTRADA

Music has no enemies / Willie / Latinworks / CINCO & CARLOS LÓPEZ ESTRADA

Sol de Plata

Coca Cola / Bus Stop / The Cyranos/McCann / BEN GORDON

Sol de Bronce

Coca Cola / 1 segundo más / Bullying / The Cyranos/McCann / ANDY FOGWILL­

Coca Cola / 1 segundo más / Abuela / The Cyranos/McCann / ANDY FOGWILL

Coca Cola / 1 segundo más / Rubia / The Cyranos/McCann / ANDY FOGWILL



Newborn Landia Digital

Alejandro Gowland joins Landia as Head of Digital. After a long career in agencies such as Grey, Publicis, BBDO and +Castro he arrives to the production company to lead the digital area demanded by contents in all of our offices.