Mauricio Sierra


Mauricio Sierra is a director, photographer and concept artist with formal training in fine art, music and cinematography. With extensive expertise in VFX, he is known for his inventive visual style and distinctive manipulation of mise en scène coupled with his ability to solve complex visual challenges. Mauricio’s work maintains a strong and recognizable signature: high-contrast, candid and lyrical images convey the starkness of life for many of his subjects. His numerous collaborations with renowned clients include: HBO, Netflix, Dior, Chanel, Nike, Missoni, Louis Vuitton, Maybelline, Swarovski, Carolina Herrera, Esteé Lauder, I-D, Vogue and Nowness, to name a few. His sensibility towards form, rhythm and the colors that are borne out of the tension between light and dark give his work a modern take on classic image making. Mauricio spends time between New York and Mexico City to focus on his narrative work as he is currently working on the early stages of his first debut feature, CIELA — and writing his second.