Kayhan Lannes Ozmen


Born in Rio de Janeiro from a Brazilian mother and a Turkish father, KAYHAN LANNES ÖZMEN is a multicultural filmmaker raised between Brazil, USA and the UK. With long experience in writing and directing audiovisual content, he has ventured in a wide range of platforms, from fiction to documentaries, from music videos to commercials and fashion videos. He holds a degree in visual arts from PUC-Rio and studied filmmaking at the Tisch School of Arts, in New York. The appreciation of music and rhythm is a striking element in the visual language of Kayhan’s work. His music video for the song, "Me Sara" from the Brazilian band Tono won the MTV Video Music Brasil Awards in 2011. As a commercials director, Kayhan has directed campaigns for global brands such as Netflix, Absolut and Old Spice among others. He is also a contributor filmmaker at NOWNESS where he has been commissioned a series of films. One of them being an homage to the 10th Anniversary of the Fabulous Faena Hotel, in Buenos Aires. His short film Girl on the escalator was official selection at many important international Film Festivals, long listing for an Academy Award and reaching more than 5 million views online. In 2016 Kayhan was invited to direct the Official Opening Ceremony film for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which was then short listed for the International Emmy Awards, in the following year. He is currently developing his first feature length film.