Michel Hamonet


Michel was born in Buenos Aires but spent most of his life traveling around the globe. Started filming in his early high school years where he developed a deep connection with the film industry. Later on he worked for several creative agencies until his talent for filmmaking was noticed, and subsequently nurtured by The Movement. Since then, Michel has made a number of eye-catching music videos and commercials that contribute to his cinematic style and bold visual identity. Focussing on strong storytelling and a very particular fetish for experimental VFX, his art often merges striking images with cutting-edge technology. His latest work generated global impact in the music and advertising scene leading to several awards including 2 Grand Prix Cannes Lions, Ciclope, Gardel, El Ojo de Iberoamérica and many more. Michel is mainly interested in creating for the future, he often develops utopic and surreal worlds that explore artificial intelligence, mixed media, experimental animation and more. 
Obsessed with the new era of content creation he even asked chatGPT for some lines of this very bio.